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First, I want to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

One of my associates, Brad Gosse, did over $150,000 in sales in 10 months flipping websites (virtual real estate).

Brad learned a thing or two that I would like to share with you in this short 17 minute video.

See the Video

By the way, these are the same type of strategies we teach here at RapidOnlineIncome through your Membership area, etc.

It doesn't cost you a penny more to learn these things through ROI but, of course, you are always free to learn the same techniques elsewhere and pay a lot more money for the same information.

When you set your financial goals for 2014, don't overlook investing in virtual real estate. It's a great way to springboard yourself into other investment opportunities while taking very little risk.

And the rewards can be phenomenal for the small investment you make to get started.

Virtual real estate should be part of your overall portfolio. It's relatively easy and inexpensive to get started and provides many different options for making money.

For example, simply investing in domain names, holding for a short period and the selling them frequently will double or even triple your initial investment in as little as 90 days.

Here's a quick example for illustration purposes only. Suppose you buy a new domain name for $15-$20 range and spend sometime enhancing it's value.

Now 90 days later you sell that same domain for anywhere from $40 to $100 dollars (it's possible to be much higher, I have sold domains like this for $1,000 or more).

And that it just for the domain name with no website on it.

Consider a domain name like a building lot in conventional real estate.

Putting a website on that domain name is like constructing a home or other building on a building lot.

And you know how that increases value. You can either flip that property or hold onto it for another monthly income stream just like owning rental properties.

Ok, so let's say you bought a domain name and spent maybe $400 getting a really nice website built for it, spent another $100 or so for some initial promotion and then later (maybe you waited 3-6 months) resold it for a couple of thousand dollars. Not a bad ROI. In fact, I call that kind of tactic Rapid Online Income.

Maybe you did the same thing with another website. For example you invested up to $600 to get it going and it is not making you up to $100 a month in income. Not bad.

For the person who only has a couple of hundred dollars to invest, adding virtual real estate to your investing mix is a great way to increase your earnings and accumulate capital allowing you to diversify into other investment opportunities.

The point is, don't overlook virtual real estate as an investment opportunity for 2014. ROI will walk you through the process in 2014, and for those who don't want to go it alone we will have some joint venturing and other partnering opportunities as well.

Let's work together to make 2014 your most profitable year yet!

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